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TCRG is the sole-source, Prime Contractor for all four (4) of the VA’s PCPG Chapter 36 contracts in the VA Northeast, Southeast, Continental and Pacific Districts. TCRG represents PCPG services to Veterans, Servicemembers and Dependents throughout the entire United States and abroad. These comprehensive services include:

Educational and Career Assessment: This includes a comprehensive educational and vocational history; assessment of interests, aptitudes, and abilities; transferable skills analysis; information is provided on VA benefits and transition assistance, as applicable; and documented next steps to assist Claimants in obtaining identified goals.


Employment Services: This includes a labor market analysis, résumé development, mock interviewing, and employment referrals. The TCRG Counselor identifies suitable occupations that are consistent with the Claimant’s interests, aptitudes, and abilities. The Counselor also identifies barriers to employment goals and additional training needs, as well as assists Claimants to navigate and coordinate VA benefits in support of goals.


Educational Services: This includes identification of training facilities, navigation of admissions process, and review of VA benefits. The Counselor identifies suitable training and/or education consistent with the Veteran’s goals, interests, aptitudes, abilities and disabilities, as applicable.  The contractor outlines barriers to educational goals, and assists the Claimant in navigating and coordinating VA benefits in support of goals.

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